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WCP is a women’s resource Centre which provide information, education, training / coaching and support services to assist women in the transition away from abuse, isolation and poverty to move towards economic and emotional independence. Women Centre of Peel facilitates the empowerment of women to make long term, positive changes with confidence. Financial dependence on abusers continues to be cited by women survivors as a major barrier to leaving an abusive relationship. The cycle of poverty that many women face after leaving abusive relationship is a major factor in post-abuse trauma and impedes women’s ability to recover.

The intersection of mental health, addictions and gender-based violence is one faced by many survivors, and is often confounded when one introduces immigration, precarious work and isolation into the mix. Women Centre of Peel’s initiative is a novel model that seeks to shift the emphasis to providing women with tools for financial freedom as the means through which women can live lives free from continued trauma.

WCP’s initiative creates a model that addresses how to support women gain financial independence in a systematic manner, providing them with skills to diffuse controlling behavior and advocate for equality and respect.

WCP’s existing initiative accommodates the development of a dynamic network of women survivors in the Peel region, through the creation of a Chapter of network of women survivors of domestic violence. The members will be able to regularly connect with each other, as well as with other survivors across the province to share the knowledge and skills gained as a result of participating in this initiative through knowledge transfer mechanisms, and engage in community action around further economic advancement strategies for other women survivors of gender based violence.

Women Centre of Peel continues to explore innovative ways of supporting women and families achieve healthy relationship that fosters equality and respect and to eradicate feminization of poverty.

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