Welcome to the Women Center of Peel | A non-profit organization that provides women and girls with self- development and community connection. Contact us Today 416 346 0295 / Email: admin@womencentreofpeel.org


Women Centre of Peel started programs and services in the Region of Peel since July 2009 and proceeded to register the Centre in July 2010 as a not for profit organization.


Our objective is to provide women with necessary support to develop the skills to effect positive changes through information, training and education. The Women’s Centre is a unique, drop in one-stop service for women using a generalist approach from women’s Centered Health framework.


To create a safe place for women of all ages to develop skills and social connections to facilitate independence, confidence and future advancement.


Women Centre of Peel is committed to:

  • Successfully identifying the complexity of issues and barriers women experience, and to provide the supporting structure to enable them go forward in their lives through the provision of information, training and education, development and delivery of support services.


Women Centre of Peel is an organization that is committed to assisting women break isolation, engage in the community, learn new skills, apply their leadership skills and prevent domestic violence through provision of information, training and education; development and delivery of programs and support services. WCP’s agency mandate is to support and assist every woman irrespective of age, race and religion take control and improve the quality of their lives and to provide culturally sensitive supportive counseling and services to women and children from diverse cultural, racial, religious background who are vulnerable to or are survivors of violence through information, education and training.


Target group: All women 18 years and above and girls 17 years and below in
the Peel Region. Our services for the youth/children might be extended to boys.

Particular target groups include:

  • Women Survivors of Domestic abuse
  • Women fleeing or in abusive relationship
  • Women struggling with mental health and isolation.
  • Women who are seniors or and girls/youth
  • Women who wish to access training or education in order to return to work or enter the workforce or up-skill within the workforce.
  • Newcomers / immigrant and refugee women.
  • Women who require support and/or information in order to maximize their opportunities and quality of life within their own communities.
  • Women who are parenting alone within this catchment area.

Monthly Events

Monthly Events