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HOMEC Domestic Programs

Sewing and stitching Classes

Needle and trade craft

Home management

Healthy cooking/baking

Financial Literacy Classes

Community and leadership Training

Our Community Development programs provide opportunity to healthy, engaged and successful communities. We are committed to providing opportunities for women, newcomers and immigrants to become more involved in their neighbourhoods and communities. We build on Women’s existing skills, assets and ideas to develop their leadership skills. We do this community development work through a range of self-run groups, leadership training, peer-led trainings, and volunteer development opportunities.

These are the projects and initiatives that fall under our Community Engagement and Leadership Development Program:

  • Partnership of Women in Decision making
  • Partnership of women in gender equality program

IT Computer Training

Information technology

Beginners Computer Class is a program designed to introduce beginners to basic computer skills. Every woman deserves to learn the use of computer for both formal and informal training.

Advanced Computer Class assist participants enhance their existing computer skills

Our information technology classes assist participant better negotiate employment in various areas.

Career development training

This class work with participants to understand other areas that could enhance income. Particular interest is on different areas in business analysis. Our Business Analysts Class trains participants to develop some competences leading to career road map to work in various levels within the Business Analysis Model.

Career enhancement training

This training educates women to understand Information technology that supports career enhancement, office support programs, advanced Excel, Visio, Project and Quick Books Training.


In our bid to reduce feminization of poverty, Women Centre of Peel is working with women to develop skills in Information Technology. Most new immigrants fall within this category. In our needs assessment, it was observed that a lot of women are still in need of Basic Computer Training. For us to continue providing these skills free to women, we need your financial support.

Financial donations enable us to continue running this and other valuable programs and workshops we offer. We welcome donations in any amount. Direct donations can be made with cash, cheques and Visa.

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